Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cure for the Monday Blues #13

Cure for the Monday Blues #13

Talk about Eggztravaganza!
This is one HOT Pink and Yellow celebration!

ooh, lookie who is the Guestie this week, !
Oh my the very FUN creative artist 

Check out the FUN inspiration, there is still time!
I am really just under the wire,
apparently instead of crafting, 
I redecorated our bedroom.
(how did that happen?)
Mostly new bedding and moved a few things around..
But it took me awhile as then I started to redo the closet....
Yikes, I should not have started that, 
a drive to the local donation place is in order now..

Back to crafting, yay, though, wow, it is late...
I think I will sleep in tomorrow...


Rahmat Gouse said...

Love those candles...I am always drawn to candles on cards...such a bright and vibrant card!

~amy~ said... bedding, how fun!

Such a fun birthday card! Love the doily, the candles and the sentiment! Awesome way to capture the neon colors, and really, who doesn't love neon?!

Thanks for playing with us at Cure for the Monday Blues - hoppy eggstravaganza!

Happy Easter to you and your family! We actually had our dinner last night so I'm crafting all day today:)

Lee-Anne said...

Such a fun card! Love the candles!

Shannon J said...

Whoa, you are a motivated girl!! I don't normally get past the "should do" to get to the actual "doing"!!! The card...super awesome! LOVE! Happy Easter!!!

Angie Tieman said...

What a super sweet card!! Love how you mixed it all together! I'm really jealous of your new bedroom redo, I've been thinking mine needs some "freshening up"!

Kelly said...

great card. love the little dood-dads on the card.. the thingies on the candles.. so tired I can't think. Ha ha

Taheerah (*LittleMissT*) said...

I was starting to rap my fingers against the keyboard, wondering where you were, lol! ;-) As usual, worth the wait though!! I *love* your totally bright background then the white doily giving a perfect break for the eyes and allowing you to pick out all those fun details! Thanks so much for playing to find a Cure For The Monday Blues!

cm said...

Doilies, sparkle, candles = perfect B-day card and awesome take on Taheerah's inspiration photo! Fabulous! Once again, I must have channeled you, as I dived into some closet-re-organization..yikes! I have clothes that 'still' have tags on them, and (don't tell my husband), I don't even like them!! Some 'ewwwww' stuff, for sure. I'm sure someone will like them better than I do, so bagged they are for a local charity. Now I have more space...and I'm aiming to leave it that way (for a while...) Hugs~c