Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Personal Post.... My Grand Aunty "Lee" Leona

Quick Personal Post.... My Grand Aunty  "Lee"  Leona

Today we all took the day at the 
Suquamish House of Awakened Culture
to celebrate my great Aunty Lee's life.
Today was her 86th birthday....she passed last month.
It was a great memorial, if ever there can be a great memorial.  Family from all over told stories of 
how they were touched by Leona.

My Aunty Leona always telling me stories 
of how everyone else was doing, and of my grandma when they were girls, or stories of when my mom came and visited.  

She really did keep everyone together.
She also was so much like my grandma Anne, her sister.
I spent a lot of time over my life with my grandma.

So here is the Grand Lady
Aunt Leona Mae Berg - Strickland
And below with her Brother George Berg.

Hugs Kisses!

Ferry Ride Home......
It was a VERY long day.
I am not sure I have the strength to craft tonight.....
well It is a three day weekend after this...
This is what the vision was today as we were on the ferry home...

Jane said...

Love these photos - both the modern & vintage. You have a look of your Great Aunty Leona. Precious memories - hope you'll be scrapping this.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
You celebrated her life with such a wonderful tribute. She sounds like an amazing woman.

Shannon J said...

So sorry to hear of someone so special to you passing. She sounds like a delightful lady who made an everlasting impact on your life and so many others. Thinking if you xo

Kim Heggins said... sorry for your loss. I love your sweet photos you shared, such a beautiful lady. And your ride breath taking.

cm said...

A lovely tribute to your Aunt Leona, Kimberly; a woman who had an impact on your life in such special ways. Mayyou always treasure memories of her - and I agree with Jane about preserving some treasured moments in scrapbook form. Sorry for your loss, but I know Aunt Leona is 'with you' and watching over you! Hugs, sweet friend~c

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