Sunday, October 9, 2011

All dressed up

Friday Oct 7 & Saturday Oct 8th the WKA Dojo had guest teacher training seminars.  Specializing in Katas and Kumite's.  Conrad will have the great opportunity to have world class teachers that have come from all across the globe to teach him their moves.

The Washington Karate Association's 45th Anniversary was celebrated Saturday night with a special banquet dinner at the Bellevue Athletic Club. 
Conrad loves dressing up, and also dressing nice.
Isn't he a handsome young man!

 Conrad's Sensei Junko Arai all dressed up.
 Conrad and Zack dressed up and on their best behavior at dinner.
Sempai Laura, Conrad is sweet on Sempai Laura.  When the classes were fuller, and Conrad was a white belt, Sempai Laura would take Conrad under her wing and teach him one on one.  He loved the special attention.

The food was good.  The speeches were touching.  The people are wonderful.
We are very fortunate to belong to the Washington Karate Association.

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