Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grayland Beach "Yurting" Glamptastic!

Our stay at Grayland Beach park was great!

When we were at Paul & Michelle's BBQ, they told me they were going camping in a yurt and Rob & Kerry were going to go too, maybe we could see if we could make it.  Since I had read about this, "Glamping."  it is like glamorous camping.  Where you stay in a cabin or a yurt that has beds and a heater, full access to a nearby restroom that has showers, so I was in.   The heater was great, and the rooms are totally sealed and well constructed as you can see.  For about $60, plus a day wildlife pass and parking plus tax, it really can't be beat.  You bring your own bedding, but the vinyl covered foam pads do the job.  (I really was not fond of the 3am hike to the restroom, I survived it though.) And you don't have any weird smells of smoking or animals, so it really was nice.
Our Yurt.

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