Thursday, May 9, 2013

Camper: Paper Smooches

Camper: Paper Smooches
I like this card.
Reminds me of camping of course!!!
(in the photos - it is a drab and one note in color... )
So I will keep him to myself and not postie to their blog.
But I will Share with you all!!!
  I still like it.
It looks great (just not in photo)..  lol.
Thanks Michelle Z.!!!  I will go ahead and post. 
Glad when I toss stuff out there, there are awesome people to toss back some insight!!!

Oh Paper Smooches, I love you.... Oh, that is NOT the nameof the challenge.

And here it is with a brighter backing... I still like the Green, as it is MORE Campy!!!

Michelle said...

Honey, this card is Fabulous! You need to share it! When my photos turn out crazy, I use picmonkey. It's a free online photo editing site. You should check it out. I LOVE this card! Share it!

Michelle said...

YAY you! :)

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