Sunday, September 29, 2019

Spectember - Crazy for Colour!

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Hello Spectember Friends and Fans!  
I hope that you are joining
 in the prompts, prizes & fun!

Todays prompt is "Crazy for Color !"
This image from Studio Katia and lends itself
PERFECTLY for crazy color!

Since this is a very large stamp image, I start by stamping the image using a stamp placement tool for best coverage.  By selecting portions the card by color groupings I color section by section with my chosen colors starting with the darkest colors first, blending in the lightest, and then overall coverage with the mid tones. Fussy cut around the image and trim to fit a 5x5 card base.  Affix image to card base. Add embossed sentiment and sequins or embellishments as desired.

Gather these Tri-Blend Colors Together: Purple, Blue Turquoise, Orange, Bright Pink, Red, Citrus, Coral, Jade Green, True Blue

Hydrangea:Color centers of each individual Hydrangea segment with a circle of the Dark Purple. Color half of blooms with lightest purple tone and mid tone of Purple. Color all of the blooms wtth lightest Blue Turquoise, very center darkest Orange.  
Red Blooms: Color edges in Dark Red stripes, fill in entire blooms with the lightest Bright Pink tone. Blend in darkest edges with lightest of the Red. Fill entire blooms with darkest Bright Pink. Outline and accentuate all lines with darkest tone of the Hydrangea.

Tulips: Color all areas in darkest tone of Citrus.  On all edges and inner lines color with darkest Orange. Cover entire bloom with mid tone Coral.  Blend lightest Orange over the darkest Orange into the main Coral until blended.  Add darkest Red at very inner edges and blend with mid tone orange until blended. Repeating as necessary until you are satisfied with the blended look.

Mini Flowers: Color little florals with light Citrus and dot with darkest Orange tone and darkest Red tone.

Leaves: Color with Darkest Jade Green in half of leaves or inner body of leaves.  Color over enire leaves with lightest Jade tone. Cover and blend Jade colors with lightest Blue Turquoise. Repeating as necessary until you are satisfied with the blended look.

Background: Fill in with darkest tone of True Blue.

Studio Katia - Floral Garden Stamp


Now my is YOUR turn to get crafty!

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Create, Enjoy
Live, Laugh


Vicki Dutcher said...

Beautiful! You know I do adore bright-in-your-face color!

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