Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Eeekkk!  I am scared.
My home made scarecrow costume is actually quite comfortable and easy to wear.
I was not able to get a pair of overalls or war some work type boots to
complete the ensemble, however I do have work gloves with straw and an
accompanying crow.
Homemade Scarecrow Costume:
How to make the Homemde Scarecrow Costume:
Around $10-25 to make:
Shirt: Oversized plaid from closet or Goodwill: $4.99-7.99
Straw: Party Store kids hula skirt : $2.99
Straw Hat: Good Will $.99
Crow: Party Store $3.99
Work Gloves: Goodwill .99
The cost really depends on what you have around.
You can get a shirt
cheaper but I wanted a specific color and size.
I had to have this oversized roomy orange plaid one, I will keep it!
The hat,I actually had a few from making scarecrows as a project for the afterschool program last year, and Conrad's Go West theme play Concert Play Costume. 
And the birds, I had some from decorating a greveyard scene in our yard last Halloween. 
So most of this stuff was  pulled together from around the house.
Cut to size the hula skirt as "hair" and hot glue hula skirt to the inner edge of hat
I suggest you try on the hat, if you have long hair, tuck it or ponytail it and fit it the way you will wear it.
take a marker and draw around the hat clos to your head.  I just marked a few spots on the side and back.  This is so whan you hot glue the "hair" on, that it will not change the fit of the hat.
If the hat is too large, then you can glue the hair more on the inside
than the outer edge.
Add some remaning cut straw to top of hat edge with hot glue carefully, add small black bird.
With more remaining straw glue to work gloves, I folder them over 2 inches first and add to inner fold so straw is sticking out of fold.
Add another crow if desired.
Add some brown eyeliner as a nose and freckles.

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