Monday, September 2, 2013

Audobon-esque Collage: Bed Time Story Sketch !

Audobon-esque Collage: Bed Time Story Sketch !

This set of Waltzingmouse Simple Sprig reminded me of a large Coffee Table Book I have somewhere.
 John James Audobon's Warbler Prints.

For this card
I pictured him strolling through sun dappled fields to find the perfect place to sketch his birds.
His pen and sketchbook in hand.

I imagine that he would draw the perch and then spend extra time on the 
focal birds, sketching them over and over until he had the right positions.  
Then carefully 
place them in his landscape or foliage later.  
Not sure how he actually worked at all.....just my imaginings.

LOVE Audobon!

Waltzingmouse Simple Sprig

 Just one of Many of Audobon's Warbler Images:


Waltzingmouse Makes 
throws a Pajama Party!
there are more than a few challenges for WMS lovers!  
And though most are only 24 hrs, 
there is one sketch that is a week. 

Check it out!

Here is the Bedtime Story Sketch!!

Posting to: Bedtime Story #2


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Kimberly-(Both the card and your imaginative meanderings)I can see your inspiration there,it is so lovely :)
Nessa xxxx

Shannon J said...

I love that stamp so much! Just as much as I love the card! And just as much as I love the imagination that brought it to life!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I love the shading on this card. So pretty! The foliage is gorgeous.

Deepti said...

Gorgeous inking :)

Katie Ann Brooks said...

wow is this a stunner Kimberly!

Jen W. said...

Audubon's pictures really are stunning and you've totally captured this one in your card. Love the inked circles and two tone leaves. Gorgeous!

Marybeth said...

Oh this card is so pretty as well. I love using the sprig stamp with the berries. This little set is so versatile . TFS that picture .

Kelly S. said...

What a gorgeous card! I haven't seen that set used to make a botanical, vintage-y card ...LOVE what you've done, so beautiful!

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