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WARM holiday wishes: Festive Friday!

WARM holiday wishes: Festive Friday!

I LOVE Festive Fridays!  

(EDITED to add MUCH more at the bottom of this post!)

Time for a new Christmas Card!  
I love a simple card that takes just a few stamps, 
a few sheets of paper, and you can make a lot of cards in very little time.
Since this is paper pieced, there is minimal coloring and I used only 5 Copics.
2 shades of yellow for the hair, 2 for the face and a red for the rest.
To keep this card even simpler, you can eliminate the fussy cutting by stamping on white paper and placing 
the patterned paper farther above the image.
(Myself, I LOVE Fussy Cutting, I am weird that way!!)

The challenge this week is Trigger Based, a simple photo an key word.
I did not use the key word, instead the feeling of the trigger photo and a peaceful feel in the card.

Quietly she stands in her little red clothes.
Most likely waiting for her friends to join her to have a bit of a snowball fight!
Reminds me of myself when I was very young - I was quite the snow baby!  
[Still must go to the mountains every year!]

Check out the Designer sampling of Friday Festive Inspiration Cards, 
[HERE] and PLAY ALONG too!
Such fun to get a jump on the encroaching holiday!

Girl Stamp: Jill Penny Designs for Stampotique
DP: Blue Paper :Me and my  Big Ideas Blue with White Glitter Dot Paper 
from JoAnns Fabric and Craft Store
Red Paper: Unknown Scrap 
Copics: Lipstick Red for Clothes, Skin White for the face, Flesh Pink for the cheeks, 
Hair: Light Yellow, Yellow
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black

Festive Friday: Trigger Challenge!

The more and more that I thought about making a NON Fussy Cut version of this card, the more I realized I have enough paper left to make about 10 more cards or so.

Here is my FINAL Card that I made several of:
(NON Fussy Cut)
And PUT a bird on it!

This is how I came to it:

SUPPLIES Gathered:
Girl Stamp: Jill Penny Designs for Stampotique
Unknown birdie and trees stamp set (pictured)
Supplies: 5 sheets Cardinal Red Cardstock
13 Sheets White (a few extra for error) 3.75 x 8.8
(Michaels in the US sells this size in precut stacks packaged.)
1 12x12 DP Snow
1 8.5x11 DP For coat
White Signo Pen (optional can use pencil)
Trimmer, scissors, Red Twine or  floss, Foam Tape, Quickie Glue Pen or Glue Stick/Tape Runner

I cut all 13 3.75 x 8.8 to 5 inches
5 inches for the card insert, and the remaining for card front.
The SNOW DP was cut into 3.75 x 2 inch strips and adhered to the top of the cardinal cardstock.
I made a template on a card front by trimming down slightly to have a snow "wave"
repeated for all.
The girl image was stamped slightly under the wave beginning and repeated for all.
Image stamped  (inking only center of the stamp) on DP using for paper pieced coat
Cut all "coats" adhere with Quickie Glue Pen (or tape runner/glue stick)
Color hair start with lighter yellow to fill and edge with darker
color scarf and stockings
Skin white for face, then circles of fruit pink for cheeks, repeat for all
Stamp a majig Sentiment and add twine/floss bow

Foam tape backing
I needed to run to the store to get more red floss, so before I went I asked Scott what he thought
Now once I showed my husband my idea for the final card, 
he told he loved everything, however, she looked lonely.
Maybe add a little puppy or a bunny.
I mulled this over all the way to get the floss and back.
Maybe he was right.  I scanned my stamps.
Eureka, I found this set with mini birds. So I added the cardinals
(Of course my husband is from Missouri, though it is not the state bird, it should be they have so many Cardinals.)
So I added the Cardinals!!
Repeat until done!
Final Card.
My husband was right. 
So I told him he was brilliant!

Shannon J said...

SHE IS ADORABLE!! The sweetest thing I ever did see! Love this scene! That little paper pieced coat just brought it home for me!!

Michelle said...

Kimberly, when I saw this on your page, I actually said, "Awwww!"

This card is adorable. That sweet little face melts your heart. I Love it!

You are kicking butt with those Christmas cards! And they're ALL awesome ones!

PS...I like fussy cutting too. :)

Geri said...

She is so sweet!!! And I LOVE the addition of the birds! Definitely evokes a feeling of 'PEACE'!!! Love it, Kimberly...thanks for joining us again!!!

Deepti said...

This is sweet :) brilliant idea from ur husband, husbands often give great ideas. I think they too start thinking creatively with our influence :) lol

Meredith MacRitchie said...

Yes, I agree your husband was right - the birds are the perfect finishing touch! I LOVE these cards - both versions. And I can't tell you how much I love the fact that you didn't include the trigger - and your card for sure seems peaceful (is there anything more peaceful than falling snow?). Thank you so much for playing with us again, I am so glad you are enjoying our challenges so much!

Jen W. said...

Wow a few little changes and it's a whole different card! They're both awesome but I do love the addition of the birdies and twine on the second card. :)

Julie said...

Well- a great card and a wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing! Well done.

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