Sunday, September 15, 2013

Final Fast and Easy Card Club Card!

Final Fast and Easy Card Club Card!

I was gone all day having Conrad visit his dad and his uncle on his mom's side.  
Little crafting, though I did wrack my brain tonight for one more card club card.  
Making about 6 undesirable cards.
I finally settled on this style that is the style of a friend of mine.
She makes cards for about 33 people, for every occasion, mailing them all timely.
Yes, she is a card making goddess. 
Does she blog you ask?
She does not have time making 33 cards for every occasion!
She is dedicated, and the reason why I 
resumed cardmaking last year.
I owe it all to her, and inspiration from all of you!

Card inspired by Kerry:

And some pics of today.... (though now it is tomorrow)

Leaving Seattle for a visit with Conrad's Dad

Conrad and Dustin Play Jenga before we head home.Dewey must be right there!!

Image on the way home..

Deepti said...

Beautiful pics and lovely card :) I am glad to know that your friend brought you back to card making, otherwise, I would have missed some great inspiration from you :)

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