Sunday, February 9, 2014

Card Club Card!!

Card Club Card!!

Today I was supposed to go to Card Club....
In Steilacoom South of Tacoma, WA..
 A good hour from here in
North Kirkland 
It started snowing Saturday about 8:45 pm.
And in a dump of snow, we don't go out if we don't have to,
especially on a 5 lane major freeway all the way.

Here is one of my cards:

~amy~ said...

Oh so pretty, I love both versions! Did you all get a bunch of snow? surprisingly there was more at my Mom's than at our place last night.

Irish Cherokee said...

Nice! like the color too.


Shannon J said...

Snow?!! Yuck!! Snow totally cramps my style, especially if it means missing something like card club!! We're supposed to get a dump tonight :( Well hopefully you can reschedule card club, because it would be a SHAME to not make this card with the group - it's gorgeous!

Barb Ghig said...

Absolutely STUNNING card, Kimberly! I love the soft colors of your flowers so much, and of course your 'classic' design!

cm said...

Glad you made the wise decision not to venture into snowy conditions, especially when your travels are freeway bound! Hopefully, your group can reschedule, because this card is a KEEPER!! Again, love those blooms - or rather, love what YOU did with the blooms!! Hugs~c

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