Monday, February 10, 2014

Tip Me Tuesday - on Monday: Organize Copics Storage/Organizer/Gift Box

Tip Me Tuesday - on Monday: Organize Copics Storage/Organizer/Gift Box

Long before I really posted cards, I posted organizing and craft ideas on a site called!  Like Pinterest, it is addicting!

I was featured on the Tip Me Tuesday in 2010 for an organizing idea in a top 10 showcase. 
Of course since then the Tip Me Tuesday blog has exploded in size, and any links to my project are long since broken.
I was reminded at our crafty PNW get together that I did have another tip to share, so here it is!!  I am sure it has been thought of before, though not sure specifically for Copic Markers.

2014: Copics Organizer/Storage/Gift Box/Travel Case Idea:

Sort by shades!

Stack 'em!

Use as a gift box ( PLEASE!!)

Now that I have been going to a Card Club, I need to quickly and easily bring my Copics, 
and also ensure that I have all of them when I leave.
If I fill an upcycled Crystal light or refresh container, it hold just 13 or 14 depending on the shape.

Here is one of my old tips:

 2010: Ribbon Cage Storage/Display/Home Decor Idea:

As a collector of ribbon I am always thinking of ways to store and display it. When looking at a birdcage and the perch inside, I thought wow, this might work to put ribbon it. So I when I saw this cage on sale at the sidewalk sale at Ben Franklin, I picked it up.
It turned out awesome!
I am disappointed that I did not buy the smaller one as well because now there are none to be had. Maybe in Spring they will be back again.
It is perfect! And to get it out of the way, eventually I can suspend from a hook in the ceiling over my work area.

Organize it!
(So we can buy MORE  *wink!)
Shannon J said...

You mean my ribbon, all bundled and knotted up is NOT a good way to store it?!! ;) LOVE the bird cage idea - love the way you think! I never in a million years would have walked by the cage and thought ribbon! Totally brilliant! Love the copic idea too!

Barb Ghig said...

Your ideas are so clever! I love the Copic storage tip, especially for going to a crop! And, your bird cage? WOW ~ Such a pretty way to display of all that beauty...and practical, too!

cm said...

Brilliant, clever and beautiful! Your copic storage: practical and economical. The bird cage a la ribbon storage...gorgeous! My ribbons would be jealous, squished together as they are in their tangled jumbled mess, if they saw this! 'Storage with flair' ... love it!

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