Sunday, February 9, 2014

Curtain Call - Coffee Express!

Curtain Call - Coffee Express!

Some things go together, 
Pacific Northwest, Coffee, Starbucks and Rain...
Today the snow gave way to rain and thinking of it 
I decided to use some stamps
 (I know you are so shocked!!)
and enter to Curtain Call!

Stampin' Up! Perfect Blend, My Starbucks Stamp,
Sentiment from JosephineKimberling (designs for Impress Seattle)

Quickie card for Curtain Call!
Hugs from the Northwest
Stay warm Folks!

 I trolled the internet found this online at Viva Las Vegas Stamps
for me, a MUST have!

(Yes, I know you want to borrow this stamp, and you can, you know who you are!)
.......and if you don't you should!!!  

Stamps: Stampin Up! Perfect Blend 
Viva Las Vegas; Starbucks Logo
Josephinekimberling sentiment and large rain (designer for Impress Seattle)
Inks: Versamagic Aegan Blue, Gingerbread, Brilliance Graphite Black
DP: Colormates Light Belgian Blue
Other Kraft DP:  humnnnn will have to advise time I go to the local craft store I can get another piece...  ETA (edit to add)
DP: American Crafts Productive 35943
Doodlebug Mini Pearl Accents

This evening I was standing making grilled cheese and my two boys came in the kitchen.  
The little boy jumped  up onto my husband for a great big piggyback bear hug.  
They stayed watching me make them grilled cheese sandwiches quietly.  
I could feel them watching me...
Finally, breaking the silence, my DH said, 
"We are both mesmerized by your grilled cheese cooking abilities!!"
I laughed and looked back at them, realizing that honestly they were watching me in complete adoration.
I knew it was one of the best moments of my life.
Enjoy your little moments!

Stay warm 
and be with the 
Ones that 
you LOVE!

Stacey Schafer said...

ack! a starbucks stamp! how awesome! love your card to pieces!

Irish Cherokee said...

"Coffee First, Talk Later." My words first thing in the morning. Used it many times in the restaurants. Oh yeah. Love the card.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Fabulous K! I have to have those stamps!

~amy~ said... that the boys were watching you, how sweet!

um, you talking to me...I can't believe you've been holding out on me. I must have that stamp. Your card is perfect. The sketchy cup...I think I'm picking up the flourishes version today....the raindrops....the sentiment {yup, I have that too} and the queen of them all, that SB logo!

Thanks for joining us at Curtain Call!

Off to shop.

Tina W said...

This is such an adorable card. It would be PERFECT for Card Club...hint hint! ;-)

Maria said...

Your card is fabulous. A Starbucks stamp!!! I must have it!!!!!!!


Shannon J said...

Seriously, a Starbucks stamp - how cool is that??!!! Were you referring to the fab Miss Amy T by any chance about borrowing that stamp ;) !!! LOVE the card, and not only am I enamoured with that, I'm even more in love with the sweet story about the grilled's always the little things, huh :)

Joni nina Andaya said...

This is just too CUTE!!! Love that Starbucks stamp. Awesome card Kimberly :)Love it!!!

Laura Davis said...

Coooool Starbucks stamp, and cool card!!

Barb Ghig said...

How cool are these stamps! And, I LOVE how you played with them, Kimberly! Love all those yummy shades of brown, and the rain drops along the bottom panel are perfect You really rocked this one, girl...and now you're the envy of every stamper who ever lived!!!

cm said...

Of course you boys would be full-engaged in watching you make grilled cheese sandwiches; they adore and love YOU to bits and pieces (and we know you reciprocate in adoring and loving them, too!)! Those little unexpected moments are such treasures - and how heart-warming of you to share them with us! Starbucks stamp? Seriously! Only you, my dear, only you! LOVE x LOVE your card; LOVE x 10000 your entire post! Hugs~c

Kim Heggins said...

Oh....I love this card and I am happy to say that I own that same Starbucks stamp, a gift from my sister. I need to pull it out and show it some love. Your card is so darn sweet...think I need to make a cup of coffee now.

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