Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cure for the Monday Blues #3 --- again.

Cure for the Monday Blues #3  --- again.

I was again inspired to play along by 
Michelle's card [here] of Amusing Michelle's!

Her card was so clean. And I love the squares of pattern blocks
I wanted to make my own pattern block.
I used three graphic stamps and made a block!

Check out UBER talented Taheerah Atchia's Blog, 
she also has a Friday
Feature where she highlights talented artists that you must at least visit once to 
see what they are all about!

~amy~ said...

Oh, this is perfect-o!

Laura Davis said...

LOVE this card! Great work. :)

Shannon J said...

You always amaze me with the way you are inspired, and how perfectly you execute your ideas! Love this!

donna mikasa said...

love this! ♥

Taheerah said...

You played a second time! I *heart* you for that!! This is my favourite of your two cards! Love your stamped pattern block (amazing!) and the lovely clean feel of this card is not easy to achieve when the inspiration is so bold! Thanks so much for playing to Cure The Monday Blues!

cm said...

Super cool, funky, artsy and trendy! I made a card, and then promptly neglected to realize the TIME DIFFERENCE! Gahhh....oh well, I plan to play this time, and I'll add my previous 'missed' entry along, just to prove I tried! Your card is 100000% a cure for Monday blues!!

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